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We pride ourselves with providing Excellent Customer Service. With a Professional and Dedicated team, our driving force is to provide peace of mind for our clients and their beneficiaries.

Founded by Patricia Connell. Will Writers since 2002.

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A Will provides 'PROTECTION'. Make sure the right people inherit. Or stop the wrong people inheriting.

A new marriage will automatically disinherit your children. The new spouse gets everything.

A Professionally drafted Will enables your Estate to be distributed within Trusts. This minimises your tax implications and stops the government from claiming a vast proportion of your wealth!!

The consequences of not having a Lasting Power of Attorney can be devastating.

If you lose mental capacity. Financial, medical and care issues could all be a problem for your next of kin. All financial accounts would be frozen. The Court of Protection would need to be involved. Appointing deputies to protect the individual. This can run into a considerable amount of money.

Do not leave this until it is too late. You must have mental capacity to be able to make a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Why should people have a Professionally drafted Will?

With a Will Probate and Land Registry procedures are straightforward with minimal delays. Releasing funds and property quickly.

Funeral Plans can be paid for either in total or spreading the cost with monthly instalments. Fixing the price for the package you choose.

With one telephone call to the plan provider. Your Executors and beneficiaries can easily arrange your funeral. Knowing that you have already planned everything.

Our service includes completing the application with you on the phone. You can be confident that you have everything in place.