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'Have you considered the implications of not having a Will?'

If you have assets worth more than £5,000 you should make a Will.

In this country, almost three quarters of people who died last year did not have a Will.

If you have not made a Will, time delays occur organising your affairs.

Delays organising Probate and releasing funds.

With a Will, normally within two months. Without a Will that could easily be twenty months

Property, Valuables of any kind, Shares and financial accounts frozen.

Land Registry disputes.

A new marriage, will automatically disinherit your children.

Unmarried partners are not recognised in law.

Your partner could become homeless. Or your partner could be sharing a property with one of your relatives. Even if you have not seen them for years.

If you have been previously married, your former spouse could still benefit.

One parent families with children under eighteen. The surviving parent will receive their share. They might spend all the money before the child can legally inherit.

Without a Will, your estate will be divided amongst your relatives. Regardless of your intension's.